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Our Products

At Niff-Tone, we offer a wide selection of products beyond just metal roofing and siding. We offer all materials you need for your project including the accessories such as doors, windows, and vents. Check out the majority of our products below!

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We carry a full line of trim accessories to complete your building projects. We have everything from ratguard to ridge cap. Trim is available in all of our steel colors and can be special made to fit your specific need.



We handle gutters and downspouts to match your building. This will help finish your project in the colors you want.


We offer DECRA shingles and shake that can give your roof the rich appearance of shingles or the rustic look of wood shake. Both of these products provide high strength against the harsh elements while still giving you a beautiful design for your roof.


Peel & Seal is an asphalt membrane with an aluminum laminate. Ideal for those roofing areas where metal may not work. Some applications would include round roofs, very low pitch roofs, repairing holes in metal roofs, and many others. Peel & Seal comes in 3' x 33' rolls and is easy to install, just peel off the backing and press into place.


We also carry a line of aluminum siding. With the choice of 8" or double four in both smooth and embossed, this is a nice upgrade from many of the vinyl products on the market.


Plastics can be used in many applications where moisture and corrosion are big concerns. We carry 4' x 8' sheets in thickness of 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2". These sheets can be used in place of other wall panels.


Fiberglass panels are another great product for areas where moisture and corrosion are issues. Fiberglass can be used alone or laminated to a substrate to give added strength. Panels are available in many colors, and can be laminated to several substrates, such as OSB, plywood, drywall, and fluted plastic.


These are 2 products designed for areas where corrosion and moisture are a concern. These vinyl panels come in 2 styles. The Ag-Tuff is a continuous ribbed panel designed for interior usage. Ag-Tuff Plus is a panel that matches many common steel panels, with ribs 9" on center. These panels can be used for both interior and exterior applications, and are ideal in areas where metal is rusting out.


We offer two different types of SunSky skylights, SunSky 9" and the SunSky Ridge Caps. SunSky corrugated polycarbonate panels stand up to punishing exterior applications and offer multiple advantages over traditional siding.


It used to be that sealing round pipes on a roof was a difficult job, well not anymore. We carry a full range of pipe flashing to seal your round roof vents and pipes. These boots are a flexible rubber that conforms to any roofing material to give a water tight seal. They are designed to fit pipes from 1/4" to 19" in diameter. There are even retro boots available for situations where it is not practical to slide over the top of your pipe.


We carry a full line of doors to fit your building needs. We have a large range of walk doors from low end agriculture to high end fire rated commercial doors, with many in between. We also carry the components to build your slider doors, including track, rollers, and rails.


Along with our selection of doors, we carry a wide variety of windows. We have windows from non-insulated to thermally insulated glass. We also have glass block windows for those specialty projects.



Ventilation is a very important part of your building project and we can help you with may options. The fist option is roof vents. Roof vents are available in various sizes and colors to match your roof, and can be run both continuous and spaced along the peak of the building. We also carry gable vents of various sizes and colors to assist in moving air throughout the building. A third type of vent would be side wall vents. These vents are commonly used for large amounts of ventilation in agriculture buildings.

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Cupolas are an excellent way to accent a building, and we have them. We carry cupolas in 3 sizes, 2', 3' and 4' in a wide range of color combinations. To set off your cupola, we also carry a wide variety of weather vanes.


When it comes to horses, we can help make the barn of your dreams with our complete selection of horse stalls and accessories. Stall kits are available to give your barn that added appeal.


We carry 2 types of insulation to fit your needs. Fiberglass insulation is a common type of insulation material that can be used in most applications. Fiberglass can be used as an unfaced product, or with a vinyl facing for added strength. Ply-foil insulation is a good clean insulation that can be used almost anywhere. With its plastic bubble inside and aluminum outer coating, this material can be formed to fit where you need it.  

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