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Unlike other businesses, with Niff-Tone, you'll know exactly what you are getting. Our products are American made and backed with written steel and paint warranties.


Centra Series
centra series.jpg

Our Centra Series buildings offer a fast turnaround with easy to follow assembly instructions and video guides. The best part? Centra Series buildings only require a few tools and no welding required! With a variety of sizes and options, the Centra Series is perfect for those who need a new building fast and with little hassle.

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Panel-Loc Plus gives residential, agricultural, and light commercial projects the protection of steel with an attractive appearance. It features an extra striation on top of the rib to give it superior durability and protection against extreme weather. Panel-Loc Plus is available in 3 qualities: Standard, Prime, and Ultra.

PLP Example.jpg
Hloc Example.jpg

Horizon-Loc offers you the advantages of a standing seam roof for less, without the look of screws showing on the panels. Because the panels snap together, there's no need for hand-seaming, bringing down installation costs. The hidden fastener design prevents leaks to give you the confidence you need in your roof, making this the perfect panel for your housing and small commercial projects.


This versatile panel has long served customers with lasting durability and a pleasing appearance. Its sturdy design provides resistance to the most severe weather and is an excellent choice when the project requires a commercial-strength panel with a low-rib appearance.

mloc example.jpg
r loc
rloc example.jpg

Commonly referred to as PBR-panel, this 26-gauge commercial panel is an outstanding choice for any project that requires commercial grade performance. R-Loc is designed to maximize the potential of your structure, specifically the steel frame. With the added purlin bearing leg, R-Loc provides easier installation and a more pleasing appearance.

Central loc

Central-Loc is a structural standing seam profile. It is a durable and economical solution for both commercial and industrial applications. The Central-Loc profile has a snap lock-joint for ease of installation. Floating clips allow for thermal roof expansion and contraction during extreme temperature changes and factory-applied sealant ensures a secure, weather-tight lap

Central loc.jpg
Central Span
central span.jpg

Central Span is a mechanically-seamed metal panel. It has a standard flat pan with mild striations and a vertical rib, giving it an appearance often favored by traditional architects. Central Span roofs meet the requirements for a wide range of roof slopes, shapes, loads, weather, and related conditions.

Central Snap

Central Snap is a performance-rated, non-structural, standing seam roof system that offers a pleasing architectural look. It has an easy to install 13/4" high snap-lock joint, making it ideal for architectural and light commercial applications. Central Snap is available in net coverage widths of 16" or 18", and features a Fluropon™ paint system. Central Snap is available with a 11/8" notch on either end of the panel for the ease of turning under, reducing installation labor and costs.

central snap.jpg
Central Seam +
Precision loc

Precision-Loc is a concealed-fastener panel with clean lines that complement a building’s eaves and walls. The 12" width offers flexibility in design and is available in solid or vented, with a flat appearing finish or with one stiffening groove.

precision loc.jpg
central seam plus.jpg

Central Seam Plus is perfect for economical commercial and industrial applications that need the extra strength and durability of a mechanically-seamed roof. Pre-punched panels are available and self-engaging backup plates allow for easier installation.

7.2 Panel

Available in 24 and 26 ga., our 7.2 panel is a great choice for both commercial and industrial applications. This exposed fastener panel can be installed horizontally or vertically. It's symmetrical, repeating pattern gives the classic deep-rib look that architects love, and is great for canopies and carports. 7.2 panel is available in both 36" and 28.8" coverage.

CD 2000

CD 2000 is a proven choice for roong and siding applications. The board-and-batten appearance provides both an attractive and cost effective option for a wide variety of agricultural, recreational, and light commercial uses.

cd 2000 example.jpg
p Soffit
Screenshot 2023-11-14 100833.png

Perforated Soffit

Perforated soffit panels provide the same durability of Panel-Loc Plus™ with the added benefit of ventilation. Available in 26-gauge and 29-gauge metal in lengths from 12” to 10’, this panel provides three feet of coverage to help with easy installation. It is perfect for residential and light commercial projects. Available in Prime or Standard paint systems, or acrylic-coated bare material to meet the needs of the project.



The RibRunnner® sub-purlin system is an economical alternative to replacing an existing metal roof. A metal over metal retrofit system, RibRunner® allows for a new metal roof to be installed over the existing worn out metal roof. It can increase the wind uplift value of the roofing structure, can increase energy efficiency, and strengthens edge and corner zones. RibRunner® sub-purlin is available in several different designs, including a Zee strip, to fit over almost any existing metal roof.

Screenshot 2023-11-14 101052.png
Panel loc
panel loc example.jpg

The classic appearance of Panel-Loc gives agricultural and light commercial projects, as well as residential roofs, the protection of steel with an attractive appearance. Panel-Loc is engineered with CentralGuard® protection against fade, dent, and rust. Available in 26-gauge and 29-gauge metal panels, Panel-Loc is a reliable low-rib panel for metal buildings and roofs.


This time-honored board and batten siding profile gets an upgrade with hidden fasteners. Metal Board & Batten siding is a contemporary and durable exterior cladding option that adds a touch of modern sophistication to residential and commercial buildings alike.

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